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Defcon 5

In the far future, deep-space mining has become a way of life. As frontiersmen journeyed out into the great unknown, the Tyron Corporation scored a very lucrative and exclusive security deal. Massive, fully-manned defense facilities were constructed near every mine, ready to defend the brave prospectors against any foe, from dangerous pirates, to potential otherworldly […]

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Sentient is an interesting, albeit quirky game released for the PC and Playstation. It’s certainly a high-concept title – its developer has taken a huge risk by centralizing the gameplay around a system that has never been thoroughly tried before. In this case, the game features character-driven gameplay, and an extensive dialogue structure, which allows […]

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System Shock

System Shock didn’t receive much public or critical notice when it was released, probably because it came right on the heels of Doom’s stranglehold on the market. Its choice of using a first-person interface had critics drawing unfair comparisons to Doom, and its complexity prevented gamers from the same pick-up-and-play enjoyment of its demon-blasting competition. […]

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X-COM: UFO Defense

This game and I have a long and adversarial history. I owned the Playstation port, and thought it to be the most difficult, though strangely enjoyable, game in history. For whatever reason, I couldn’t best those damn aliens – though perhaps it had to do with the fact that I was only in middle school […]

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William Gibson’s sci-fi classic Neuromancer is generally credited with creating the “cyberpunk” genre. These are tales often seen in anime, where technology and biotechnology is absolutely everywhere, corporations rule the world, and poor, down-on-their-luck cybercriminals try to make big scores by risking their lives to hack dangerous corporate and government computers. It is obvious to […]

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