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Double Dragon

Back in 1987, the kids loved the Double Dragon. One of the first “beat-em-ups” to really take off (and later be eclipsed by Final Fight), Double Dragon tasks you as Billy Lee, and his brother Jimmy as an optional second player, to travel into city slums and kick much ass in a quest to rescue […]

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Kirby’s Adventure

First you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes. Add a great big smile and presto, it’s Kirby! Those are the detailed instructions at the beginning of Kirby’s Adventure, the full color sequel to Kirby’s Dreamland for the Gameboy, and they couldn’t be more accurate. Simple you say? That’s because Kirby is simplicity itself: […]

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Metal Gear

Metal Gear. Where do I start? This is the U.S. version of the game that began the series that would spawn, in my opinion, the best Playstation game, and one of the best games of all time: Metal Gear Solid. It shows, too. All the elements are there, most notably the emphasis of stealth over […]

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Maniac Mansion

I love adventure games. There’s probably nothing in the realm of electronic media I enjoy more than a point-and-click adventure. Unfortunately I’m a reviewer of consoles, and consoles rarely get any of these for one very good reason: It’s a bitch to point and click with a gamepad. So it was, in my opinion, pretty […]

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This game offered me something of a revelation, which I don’t think is listed among its official product features. But it occurred nonetheless. You see, I think part of the reason The Man approves of 70+ year copyright terms is because he can still make money off of simple arcade games like this. Tiny amounts […]

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10 Yard Fight

Back in 1985, Irem released this game, which has the distinguished honor of being the very first football game for the NES. It fit in with the simplistic, arcade versions of every popular sport that the Big N was pushing out during the console’s early year, despite not simply being named “Football.” Of course, then […]

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