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The Legend of Zelda

Everyone who’s already played Legend of Zelda raise your hand. Okay, looks like roughly everyone. Just to make sure, though, raise your hand if you’ve never played Legend of Zelda. Right. I’ll put my hand down now. Here’s the thing. While I’m proud to call myself a gamer, I’ve always eschewed the title of “hardcore […]

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Super Mario Bros.

No one has actually asked this, but someone may be wondering. Why, in the five years of this site, have I not reviewed Super Mario Brothers? It’s the seminal title in the minds of many, it defined the NES, it almost single-handedly created the platforming genre, it pulled Nintendo out of the crash of ’83, […]

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Of all the board games you could make a videogame out of (and there have been plenty), Monopoly is one of the ones that make the most sense. I rather enjoyed the board game in my youth, but could never get anyone to agree to play it. Frequent excuses: It took too long. It was […]

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I was looking through my great list ‘o NES games when this one caught my eye. “Surely it’s not the Elite,” thought I. The BBC Micro original is a legend among space sims. How would you ever port it to the piddly old NES? But of course, it was done; otherwise this review wouldn’t be […]

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I got the digital equivalent of a letter slipped under the door after I reviewed Blood, telling me that if I wanted to see the most disturbing game ever made, I needed to check out Exidy’s arcade release Chiller. Now I don’t get a lot of these, so it had a little more credibility, but […]

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Sweet Home

Suito Homu – I’ll let you guess what that translates to in English – is a Japanese horror film released alongside this game. The two were apparently co-developed, based on the frequent, detailed similarities (right down to the look of the notorious fresco), the near-identical release date, and that the movie trailer also featured images […]

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