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Super Mario Bros.

No one has actually asked this, but someone may be wondering. Why, in the five years of this site, have I not reviewed Super Mario Brothers? It’s the seminal title in the minds of many, it defined the NES, it almost single-handedly created the platforming genre, it pulled Nintendo out of the crash of ’83, […]

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Of all the board games you could make a videogame out of (and there have been plenty), Monopoly is one of the ones that make the most sense. I rather enjoyed the board game in my youth, but could never get anyone to agree to play it. Frequent excuses: It took too long. It was […]

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I was looking through my great list ‘o NES games when this one caught my eye. “Surely it’s not the Elite,” thought I. The BBC Micro original is a legend among space sims. How would you ever port it to the piddly old NES? But of course, it was done; otherwise this review wouldn’t be […]

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I got the digital equivalent of a letter slipped under the door after I reviewed Blood, telling me that if I wanted to see the most disturbing game ever made, I needed to check out Exidy’s arcade release Chiller. Now I don’t get a lot of these, so it had a little more credibility, but […]

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Sweet Home

Suito Homu – I’ll let you guess what that translates to in English – is a Japanese horror film released alongside this game. The two were apparently co-developed, based on the frequent, detailed similarities (right down to the look of the notorious fresco), the near-identical release date, and that the movie trailer also featured images […]

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Going by the cheeky credits at the end, where all the boss characters are listed as “performed” by one-letter-off versions of classic horror movie actors, Konami had absolutely no idea of what Castlevania would become. It represented a rare move for them – starting on the Famicom first instead of porting over a proven arcade […]

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