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Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (NES)

As a compliment to his recent review of Star Trek: 25th Anniversary for the PC, the J Man asked that I aim my laser-precision reviewing skills at the Nintendo game of the same title. I pointed out that since he had played both games, his opinion would hold more weight than mine. But a few […]

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Bad Street Brawler

Bad Street Brawler either had an ingenious, or clueless, marketing team. You see, Bad Street Brawler really is a bad street brawler. It’s even more funny when they print it right on the box. Interestingly enough, it seems to be a rehash of a Beam Software game from 1987, that Mattel must have bought out […]

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Never let it be said that I do not take requests. Jackal is a Konami title playing off the 1980’s common themes of U.S. patriotism and hostage rescuing. Like 1942, I must again ask what interest a Japanese company has in these concepts. Also, why was hostage rescue such a big game premise for the […]

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Bionic Commando

I’m going to dedicate this review to all the fans of Bionic Commando, without whom I probably would not have gotten past the game’s harsh first impression. Apparently a lot of people are very rabid about this title, which I discovered when trying to find an instruction manual to make sense of the thing. Fansites, […]

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Bible Adventures

Wisdom Tree. We meet again. This is the same group behind Super Noah’s Ark 3D, though this is obviously one of their earlier efforts, and not an attempt at repainting an existing secular game. They also deserve some credit for successfully and legally releasing a game without Nintendo’s fascist “Seal ‘o Approval.” One of the […]

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Bad Dudes

Bad Dudes is another one of those games where you stroll around, causing trouble and picking fights – a “fighting game,” if you will. As with most of Data East’s wares, this one began its life as a coin-op, and made the jump to just about every home system available. And as should be obvious […]

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