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Super Star Wars

It had to happen eventually. The only thing LucasArts loved more than pimping out its Star Wars franchise was staying on the cutting edge of technology. So when scrolling action platformers became the new buzzword, you could have bet dollars to doughnuts that you’d be seeing a scrolling action platformer Star Wars title. This is […]

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I do not even remotely want to review TimeCop, as it is that bad of a game. Not even bad in a fun way, just purely and unconditionally putrid. I’m not even sure what I will say. However, I’ve made the mistake before of playing an unimpressive game and not reviewing it. So I know […]

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

I could write an entire feature on the history of LucasArts, from their standard-setting creative and technical innovations, to their pitiful degradation into the Star Wars Game Assembly Line. I mean they’re not even developing those things in-house any more. But that’s probably better suited for a Grim Fandango review. Suffice it to say that […]

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Alien vs Predator (SNES)

AvP is part of a growing group of games that I have found myself coming across during my tenure with this site. These are games that are so woefully average that I really don’t have anything to say about them. AvP is a side-scrolling beat em up. You’ve played them. I’ve played them. This one […]

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Barbie Super Model

Why am I reviewing a game created for little girls ten years ago? Well, first, I’ve never played it before. Second, I was kind of curious how a “girl’s game” would turn out. I was expecting a game about glitter and ponies, but I was NOT expecting such a featureless title. I even hesitate to […]

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Out of This World

Delphine Software, who you may recognize as the name behind Flashback, first created this equally interesting sci-fi tale (called “Another World” outside North America) while Conrad Hart was just a twinkle in his daddy’s eye. Truly a poster-child for “cinematic gameplay,” Out of This World plays like a collection of cutscenes and movie-esque action moments. […]

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