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The Incredible Hulk

When Dr. Bruce Banner loses control and transforms into Marvel’s jade giant, he’s pretty much interested in one thing: smashing. Smashing as much as possible. Seems like a pretty good idea for a videogame character – who wouldn’t enjoy playing as an indestructible beefy monster who can punch holes through walls, and pick up and […]

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It’s story time here at JGR, and today’s tale finds myself along with the legendary Static_A_Matic standing in the local Funcoland looking for victims, by which I mean new games to review. Laying in the bin, we come across a game adorned with a picture of an old prospector with a banjo on the cartridge. […]

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The Lawnmower Man

Hidden out in the backwoods of a small town, a shady government agency runs “The Shop” – an institute developing advanced virtual technologies. Their funding comes from secret virtual experiments to train chimpanzees in combat, with the intent of sending them out into warzones too dangerous for humans. At roughly the same time, a doctor […]

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The Hunt for Red October

I loved the movie The Hunt for Red October. It was the first movie that made me feel like a badass just for watching it, and began my obsession with reading any Jack Ryan book that leaked out of Tom Clancy’s brain. So when I saw that there was an SNES version, I jumped all […]

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Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Mix equal parts of They Live and Total Recall, add in a healthy dose of style, and you get this awesome action/adventure scroller. You play as Conrad Hart, a man who has just evaded imprisonment and been shot down over the jungles of Saturn’s moon, Titan. You have no recollection of your own identity or […]

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Shaq Fu

Shaq Fu is not the kind of game most gamers will naturally gravitate toward. Instead it’s one of those things that tugs at the same part of us that causes people to curiously tilt their head at car wrecks or turn around and search for the animal they just hit to see just what their […]

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