Sid Meier’s Covert Action

Covert Action

Meier. Sid Meier.

Mario Paint

Mario Paint

M(ario)S Paint

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2

Kirov reporting.


Tomcat Alley

Okay gentlemen, it’s time to face a fundamental truth. Something you learned from the age of five, and remains just as true today as it did then; Fighter jets are totally fucking awesome. Top Gun knew this. The Discovery Channel knows this, which is why they show those specials on them all the time. And […]

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California Games

Surf, sand, and some wicked beach sports – all packaged in one game, ripe for your enjoyment. Or so the designers of this game would like you to believe, and what they’re hoping will draw you to the game, but how “extreme” can you really get by playing a video game? Thus the point of […]

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If you don’t like interactive movie games, I can’t say that I blame you. There were far too many lackluster attempts made for the Sega CD. Just look down the scores of this site if you need names named. However, this does not mean the idea itself is completely flawed. If you can tolerate an […]

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Midnight Raiders

Reading casually through this site, you might think that every game for the Sega CD based on live-action, full motion video, was a horrible one. Not true. There are some so truly awful that they are real blights on the gaming community as a whole. We’re talking pestilence here. We are talking games so bad […]

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Ground Zero: Texas

Something’s rotten in the state of Texas, and it’s not the smell of all the people they’ve executed today. No, this particular stench comes from this game, where shape-shifting alien invaders are slowly taking over a sleepy little town on the Mexican border. The military knows exactly what’s going on, but seems completely powerless to […]

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Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective: Volume II

Sherlock Holmes: Volume Two, or more properly, the “pompous British detective simulator”, offers three more cases for you to solve, which are claimed to be “officially licensed” by the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle. This sounds like it could be a great game, especially since it allows you to match wits with one of the […]

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