Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally

Death Valley Rally


Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry

Cat and Mouse...

Killing Time

Killing Time (PC)

Eternal unlife


Mortal Kombat

It’s the version with the blood.

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It’s story time here at JGR, and today’s tale finds myself along with the legendary Static_A_Matic standing in the local Funcoland looking for victims, by which I mean new games to review. Laying in the bin, we come across a game adorned with a picture of an old prospector with a banjo on the cartridge. […]

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Jurassic Park (Sega CD)

Jurassic Park was so heavily marketed when it was released that a version of the game appeared on every console that was out at the time. Even the little Tiger handheld games had one. Most of these focused on some sort of scrolling action hooey. Only one, excluding the PC’s flawed Trespasser, actually put you […]

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Hollywood Squares

Revived on TV by Whoopi “I have no eyebrows” Goldberg, the show Hollywood Squares takes Tic-Tac-Toe, applies a celebrity to each square, and then chooses two completely starstruck morons to play. This could very well be the easiest gameshow on Earth. The celebrities are the ones who really answer the questions, and the players only […]

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Evander Holyfield’s Real Deal Boxing

Holyfield’s Boxing isn’t just a chance to cash in on Evander’s name – it’s also an enjoyable and well made boxing sim. You’ll get to create and customize your own pugilist, and then make the most of their career in the goal to be remembered as “The Greatest”. Though you do fight the title boxer […]

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If the title reminds of you an old PC game made back in ’86 by ICOM… well that’s probably because this is the very same game. Uninvited is essentially a text-based adventure, polished up with some basic graphics and a point-and-click interface. If you don’t like such games, or reading, the door is over there. […]

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