Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally

Death Valley Rally


Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry

Cat and Mouse...

Killing Time

Killing Time (PC)

Eternal unlife


Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Mix equal parts of They Live and Total Recall, add in a healthy dose of style, and you get this awesome action/adventure scroller. You play as Conrad Hart, a man who has just evaded imprisonment and been shot down over the jungles of Saturn’s moon, Titan. You have no recollection of your own identity or […]

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Shaq Fu

Shaq Fu is not the kind of game most gamers will naturally gravitate toward. Instead it’s one of those things that tugs at the same part of us that causes people to curiously tilt their head at car wrecks or turn around and search for the animal they just hit to see just what their […]

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Remote Control

“It’s his basement, his rules, and a shitty rip-off of his game show!” Remote Control was MTV’s first attempt at a game show, making its first run in 1987. Like a wild and hip teenage Jeopardy, it played out more like a party and was very successful for its time. Ken Ober was an excellent […]

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Crossroads of Time

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, spin-off of a spin-off, basically parked the anthology-mobile in favor of a contained serial set on a single, gateway space station near a time of war. I’m not a Star Trek buff in general, but I did watch a few episodes of this series long enough to decide I wasn’t […]

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The Terminator (SNES)

I would consider myself something of a fan of the original Terminator film. And if you’ve read the Genesis review, you know how they screwed that one up. Therefore, it is with great delight that I present you with this little gem; a much better attempt at a scrolling game based on the first film. […]

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Kung Fu

As far as classics go, Kung Fu is one high up there in terms of leaving an indelible impression. Even if you’ve never played the game itself, you’ve doubtlessly played a game inspired by its elementary concept – punch and kick through armies of martial arts foes, and fight a boss with a life bar […]

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