Killing Time

Killing Time (PC)

Eternal unlife

Sid Meier’s Covert Action

Covert Action

Meier. Sid Meier.

Mario Paint

Mario Paint

M(ario)S Paint


Revolution X

Aerosmith must have hired a pretty tenacious marketing manager in the mid-90s, because they were damn near everywhere.  Every other episode of Saturday Night Live – they there were as the musical guest.  They popped up in Wayne’s World 2, where they were treated as some kind of rock gods.  And of course, this game […]

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The year is 1942, and the world is at war. You play as an American fighter ace who embarks on a solo mission to defeat the entire Japanese air force. Hmm… a Japanese company making a game about a lone American single-handedly destroying all of Japan’s national defense? Well, I suppose it’s like Takagi said […]

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Darkwing Duck

Imagine my predicament: There I was, newly accepted as an official member of the Just Games Retro staff; given unrestricted access to the private Lockheed jet, the mini-golf course, the macro-golf course, the homemade rhubarb pie, along with all the other benefits every JGR employee receives; and I had no idea what to review. I […]

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Hogan’s Alley

Hooooooooogaaaan! Okay, this game is completely unrelated to Hogan’s Heroes. In fact, if memory serves, Hogan’s Alley was a training course used by the FBI. A Hollywood-style set was built, and cardboard cutouts of bad guys and innocents would pop up from windows and alleys. The agent in training had to make split second decisions […]

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The Punisher

Frank Castle’s got a reason to be pissed off. He’s an ex-Marine whose wife and children were murdered by the mob, and he’s surrounded by hardcore criminals who the police seem powerless to stop. So, like any other grudge-holding antisocial American, he picks up an arsenal of pain and fights back. The Punisher is an […]

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The Terminator (Genesis)

Hey remember that movie with Schwarzenegger? You know, the one where he’s unstoppable and kills a lot of people? Oh… oh right, well this is that movie where he’s a robot. Yeah that’s the one. Well, somebody made a game out of it. I’m torn on how to start this review, for reasons you’ll understand […]

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