Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally

Death Valley Rally


Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry

Cat and Mouse...

Killing Time

Killing Time (PC)

Eternal unlife



I’m not sure whether Anticipation existed as an actual game or not, but the NES version offers a virtual board game experience for multiple players. Though it’s unclear why, if you have a number of people in the same room, you can’t just get out an actual board game. This game certainly doesn’t offer any […]

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Super Noah’s Ark 3D

If the title doesn’t tip you off, the persistent “Not Licensed By Nintendo… we don’t even know these people, we swear!” title screens should. Wisdom Tree is a group of Christian programmers who specialize in “Christianizing” modern secular video games. Their previous exploits have emulated games such as Pac Man and Tetris, and for some […]

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Demolition Man

Simon Phoenix, the most evil and ruthless criminal in Los Angeles, has broken out of cryostasis to wreak havoc upon a peaceful utopian society of the 21st century. Taking Stallone’s role from the flick, you play as the old-fashioned cop John Spartan. You sent Phoenix to the cryo-pen back in 1996, and you’ve been thawed […]

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There’s something oddly enjoyable about the simple premise of this game. Following in the traditions of classic B-movie monster flicks, the entire point of Rampage is to play as a mutant monster and destroy everything you can. They don’t make games like this anymore, which depending on your view of classic arcade games, may or […]

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RoboCop (NES)

Robocop is another translation from an arcade game based on a movie. You play through various levels following along with the movie as the bionic officer takes down thugs, saves hostages, and tracks down those responsible for his violent creation. The game Robocop has you heading through various levels of Detroit and following along with […]

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Legend of Kage

This is a title most of you probably have never heard of. It’s another ninja action side-scroller, but a very unique one. Its arcade action is fast and unforgiving and its acrobatics quite enjoyable, two things that set it apart from other titles. The Legend of Kage starts out like reading a page from the […]

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