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Top Gun

You may be too young to remember, but Top Gun in the 80s was HUGE. We are talking Dirty Dancing huge, which is interesting, because both are fondly remembered but have failed to gain an audience with newer generations. Top Gun in particular seems to be known to the 90′s generation as “That gay movie.” […]

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Paperboy is one of the more unique arcade games I can remember, getting away from the predominate space fighter or scrolling fighter genres of the 80s. In the game, you play as the Crown Prince of Nambia fighting a pesky troll in arena combat. Of course I’m lying. You play as a paperboy delivering the […]

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One of my quasi-regular readers asked me what I was working on next for the site. I told them that I had been playing Renegade, the earliest of the real Final Fight/Double Dragon kind of brawlers. The conversation then went like this: Them: “Oh? How is it?” Me: “It’s kinda fun, but not really.” And […]

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Tempest 2000

Both the Jaguar I bought and its corresponding section on the site have laid dormant for far too long. Just as in my youth, I got very excited about Alien vs Predator, and then quickly forgot about the rest of the system (but hey, so did the market!) I’ve finally felt mildly ashamed enough about […]

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Never let it be said that I do not take requests. Jackal is a Konami title playing off the 1980′s common themes of U.S. patriotism and hostage rescuing. Like 1942, I must again ask what interest a Japanese company has in these concepts. Also, why was hostage rescue such a big game premise for the […]

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Spy Hunter

To enjoy Spy Hunter, the 1983 arcade classic ported to the NES, it helps to meet a few requirements: One: A love for fast cars, that also are known to shoot rockets from their grill, a la James Bond. Two: A practically illegal lust for the Peter Gunn theme. Three: Something to prove, and the […]

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