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Never let it be said that I do not take requests. Jackal is a Konami title playing off the 1980’s common themes of U.S. patriotism and hostage rescuing. Like 1942, I must again ask what interest a Japanese company has in these concepts. Also, why was hostage rescue such a big game premise for the […]

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Spy Hunter

To enjoy Spy Hunter, the 1983 arcade classic ported to the NES, it helps to meet a few requirements: One: A love for fast cars, that also are known to shoot rockets from their grill, a la James Bond. Two: A practically illegal lust for the Peter Gunn theme. Three: Something to prove, and the […]

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This game offered me something of a revelation, which I don’t think is listed among its official product features. But it occurred nonetheless. You see, I think part of the reason The Man approves of 70+ year copyright terms is because he can still make money off of simple arcade games like this. Tiny amounts […]

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Kung Fu

As far as classics go, Kung Fu is one high up there in terms of leaving an indelible impression. Even if you’ve never played the game itself, you’ve doubtlessly played a game inspired by its elementary concept – punch and kick through armies of martial arts foes, and fight a boss with a life bar […]

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game

I usually try to write unbiased reviews, but I’ve gotta admit some bias on this one. Being a child of the 80s made being a Ninja Turtle fan mandatory, and I used to play this game constantly back in the day. So there’s a heavy sense of nostalgia for me here, and luckily it’s not […]

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Just say no – or else! If you were an 80s gamer, you’ve probably heard of this arcade classic. Or, you might remember its three-second cameo in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie (I, for some reason, do). The plot is simple: NARC casts you in the role of the world’s two most badassed […]

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