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I do not even remotely want to review TimeCop, as it is that bad of a game. Not even bad in a fun way, just purely and unconditionally putrid. I’m not even sure what I will say. However, I’ve made the mistake before of playing an unimpressive game and not reviewing it. So I know […]

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Jaws isn’t a bad idea for a video game villain. He’s big, he’s tough, and he likes to eat people, which is always a plus. Even the idea of hunting him through the deep expanse of the ocean sounds like the potential for good gaming. The problem is that this hunt is the entire game, […]

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Ghostbusters, that 80’s classic film that was the highest grossing comedy for a long time – you might have heard of it – follows the antics of four scientists as they clean Manhattan from a sudden surge of paranormal activity. The game has taken that concept and run with it. People who actually read this […]

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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Poor Michael Jackson has had a rough string of luck lately. He’s gone from being the undisputed King of Pop, to some kind of universally feared, whacked-out man-child. The allegations of child molestation against him stand to be the next “Trial of the Century,” and everyone – absolutely everyone – is out to make a […]

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Jurassic Park (Sega CD)

Jurassic Park was so heavily marketed when it was released that a version of the game appeared on every console that was out at the time. Even the little Tiger handheld games had one. Most of these focused on some sort of scrolling action hooey. Only one, excluding the PC’s flawed Trespasser, actually put you […]

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The Hunt for Red October

I loved the movie The Hunt for Red October. It was the first movie that made me feel like a badass just for watching it, and began my obsession with reading any Jack Ryan book that leaked out of Tom Clancy’s brain. So when I saw that there was an SNES version, I jumped all […]

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