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Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure

I love Bill and Ted. This franchise has it all. Free-wheelin’ time-travelin’ excitement, damsels in distress, a phone booth, two completely different but equally cool glimpses of the future, air guitar, a trip to Hell complete with a demonic grandma, and of course, evil robot twins. Damned if I don’t ALWAYS love a good bunch […]

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It amazes me how developers can screw up formula games. Take the side-scroller; you have hundreds of examples demonstrating clearly what works. You have a mold of general rules, clear cases of what plays best – practically a damn template of how to make a good game. Yet designers still take this template, start to […]

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Batman Returns

Gotta hand it to Konami – they know how to make some good games. There haven’t been an impressive number of good Batman titles, but both Batman and Robin and this game (also both made by the big K) are among the best of any system. Holding true to the Batman sequel, Batman Returns has […]

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Back to the Future

If you haven’t seen the movie Back to the Future, you’re really missing out. It’s a well-made adventure/comedy about a teenager accidentally sent back in time by a harrowing turn of events, and the machine created by the Doc, played by Christopher Lloyd (still deep in “Reverend Jim acting mode”). It’s also the movie that […]

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The Terminator (Genesis)

Hey remember that movie with Schwarzenegger? You know, the one where he’s unstoppable and kills a lot of people? Oh… oh right, well this is that movie where he’s a robot. Yeah that’s the one. Well, somebody made a game out of it. I’m torn on how to start this review, for reasons you’ll understand […]

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Home Alone

True to the last 45 minutes of the film, the game follows young Kevin McAllister as he tries to stop two bumbling crooks from ripping off houses on Christmas Eve. Some original elements keep this game from being standard side-scrolling fare, but still barely makes the game worth your time. Depending on what you thought […]

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